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Share my 4T7 Smart Meal Prep System using experience

Share my 4T7 Smart Meal Prep System using experience - 4T7

I just want to share some of the changes that come with using 4T7 healthy smart chopping board.

I used to be on a very unhealthy diet, often eating junk food and takeaways, rarely cooking by myself, and not thinking about calorie intake and nutritional balance. But by chance, I saw the 4T7 healthy smart chopping board on the Indiegogo website. Interested in this innovative chopping block, So I bought one, and when I started using it, I found that the chopping board benefits a lot. And I've changed my life a lot, I’d like to share these changes, and if you look at them like I did, hopefully, you can change them.

  1. Like Cooking

Once I rarely cooked by myself, one because I don't know what to eat, and the Second, because I can't do it, but 4T7 has its own APP. There are a lot of free recipes, and I can pick what I like and learn to cook. And there will be recommendations for three meals a day, let me have a choice and stop tangling about what to eat. The most important thing is that the recipe in it is free and there is no extra charge, which I love very much.

  1. Focus on calorie intake and nutritional balance

One of the most convenient features of this smart chopping board is that it's easy to convert calories and nutrients, and I don't need to search online. I want to share here that I only need to put food on the weight area of the chopping board. Bluetooth Connect Exclusive APP, Select Food Species, The system automatically matches the corresponding weight of calories and other nutrients. And 4T7 APP can record and aggregate the intake of each meal. I just had to choose the time range I looked at to know how many calories and nutrients I was ingesting during that time. This convenient transformation led me to pay attention to nutritional balance, Starting to take a healthy diet and sticking to it for more than a month, I obviously felt that my body was more relaxed than before, It was also this change that made me decide to keep cooking and maintain a nutritional balance.

  1. Make More Friends

In the APP community, I can post and interact with other people, chat in circles, meet people with the same hobbies, and make several friends through community chat. If you're someone who doesn't like to go out and socialize, I really suggest that you try in the community and that people who share a hobby and a common topic chat will be very enjoyable.

If you have the same conditions as mine, I really recommend you to use 4T7 healthy smart chopping board.

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