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Develop a healthy diet by 4t7 smart app

A healthy diet is essential for body health. It protects you against many chronic noncommunicable diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Eating a variety of foods and consuming less salt, sugars and saturated and industrially-produced trans-fats, are essential for a healthy diet.

4t7 smart app can guide you to manage what to eat, tell you which is better to have, and sugget when not to eat, or warn the bad effect of having junk food too much. By this way, you can instedily take the path of growing a healthy eating habits and become healthier and slimmer.

Managing Your Daily Intake is
Necessary and Easy

4t7 smart APP offers exact data of nutrition and calories. You can track the daily report of the food you eat over the App. Based on your personalized plan, it will show you what a healthy diet is and you can follow that to lose pounds or develop a healthy diet.

Making Decisions Becomes Easier and Easier

Don't know what to eat today or how to cook a meal? Click recipes on the app, then you can get the recommended cookbook, which covers different categories varying from breakfast, lunch, dinner and diet meal. What's more, you can also upload your own cuisine and communicate with others in the community.

Join in the Community and Enjoy the Resources Right Now

In the community, you can share what you are eating today and the recipes that you think are good for recommendation. Here you can find clusters of people who share a lot of interests with you. And even more, you can get tons of extensive but vaulable recipes free and easily start to cook tasty meals for your family.

This app works very well with my phone. Highly recommend it.


This cutting board is built in with bluetooth that can connect with your phone. I think it helps a lot.


I gradually fell in love with cooking since I bought the board. I like this app very much.


Surprisingly, I am getting dependent on this app.


I don't have to google the calories of the food any more. It works very well.


Calculating Calorie

Enjoy other's recipes


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