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The convenience of 4T7 smart chopping board in baking

The convenience of 4T7 smart chopping board in baking - 4T7

With nutritional functions, hobby functions, physiological functions, and cultural functions, baking occupies an important position in the life of European and American countries, Whether it's on the table of friends and family or in the pastry room on the street, Baking is ubiquitous, not only part of cooking but also a cultural symbol.

Baking needs to undergo four stages rapid expansion, maturation and shaping, epidermal coloring, and internal baking. Still, the correct weighing as the basis and the essential link are the easiest to ignore. The proportions of ingredients directly affect the success and taste of the product, so choosing the right and correct weighing tool is critical in baking. Using our 4T7 smart chopping board can help you combine a single tool to solve the weighing problem.

As an innovative kitchen appliance, 4T7 smart cutting board adopts a multifunctional integrated technology, converting smart APP, calories and nutrients conversion, weighing, timing, grinding, magnetic knife holder, vertical storage, bacteriostatic and antibacterial, juice groove into one. In addition to the convenience of daily cooking, the same can be done for baking. Here's a look at what 4T7 smart chopping boards can offer in baking.

  1. weighing

Baking needs to weigh bread flour, sugar, cocoa powder, and many other powder ingredients, milk, corn oil, egg liquor and other liquid ingredients,  excess or too few of these ingredients will cause the baking to fail, so accurate weighing is very important. 4T7 smart chopping boards range from 1g to 3kg with an accuracy of 0.1g and can be weighed in multiple weighing units of g, lb, oz, and ml. A weighing tool solves the weighing of solids and liquids and does not require conversion from the usual food weighing and measuring cups. Just place the container of the weighing ingredients in the middle of the weighing area, click the peeling button, and place the ingredients inside the container to get the weight of the desired ingredients.

  1. Timing

Baking takes place at different temperatures. If you use an hourglass or other timing tool that increases the cost of money and takes up the kitchen space, using our smart chopping board, you don't need these extra burdens and you can weigh and use it together. In addition, our chopping board timing can be set for long-term timings from 10s to 99 minutes and 59 seconds; Also, the setup method is simple. Click the timing button to start setting, press the + - button, select from the last digit, set the number you want to set, click the timing button to press the + - button again, complete the seconds setting, and score setting to repeat the operation.

  1. Calorie and nutrient conversion

When you weigh baking ingredients or finish baking products, and you want to know how much nutritional content it contains, you don't need to read books or look them up online. Just place the food in the weighing area and connect Bluetooth to the exclusive APP 4T7 and select the food you weighed. The system automatically searches the food bank to automatically convert the number of calories and other nutrients that your weighed food contains under that weight. In addition, the system can record your calorie intake per meal and analyze it. You can clearly understand your calorie intake daily, weekly, or over time.

  1. Free recipes as well as uploaded recipes

If you are baking fresh and don't know how to bake, you can click our APP recipe area, which contains many free recipes from which you can choose what you like to learn. If you're a baking guy and want to teach others or share the fun of baking, you can upload your recipe and talk to others.

  1. Community and Circle Communication

In addition to simple baking, you can also communicate with others in the community and in circles, meet friends with whom you have the same hobbies, and post to share your life and bring you spiritual happiness in addition to baking.


Compared to normal kitchen items, 4T7 smart chopping boards not only provide you with daily cooking and baking requirements but also give you intelligent convenience and make like-minded friends.

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