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4T7 Smart Chopping Board

Designed to exceed your expectations, offers both intelligence and thoughtfulness. By providing a cleaner countertop and a healthier cooking environment, we aim to elevate your culinary experience beyond what you thought was possible.

4t7 Smart Chopping Board

7-in-1 Smart Meal Prep System

Get ready to revolutionize your meal prep game with the 4t7 Smart Chopping Board! Our Lego-style stackable design combines smart kitchen tools and modern technology to offer you 7 powerful features in one sleek machine. With our chopping board, you can chop, weigh, time, defrost, and even count calories for your next meal – all in one place!

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An App That Revolutionizes Cooking

Join the 4t7 Meal-Prep Community for Tasty and Healthy Recipes!

Tired of eating the same meal for the fourth time this week? We know planning tasty and healthy meals can be a challenge, which is why the 4t7 Smart Chopping Board offers more than just a recipe book – it gives you an entire community! Our app lets you explore recipe ideas, share advice, and connect with others on their meal-prep journey. With a growing catalog of recipes added by users, you can expand your cooking skills and reach new levels of health and wellness.

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