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“At 4T7, we believe in simplicity and practicality. That's why we named our company after the four weeks and seven days in a month – the building blocks of our everyday lives. We are committed to providing innovative kitchen solutions that make meal prep and cooking easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable.”

Turning a Vision into a Reality

Transforming the concept of the 4t7 Smart Chopping Board into a tangible reality

Right from the beginning, the 4t7 team was focused on innovation and combining the essential functions of the kitchen into one gadget – 4T7 Smart Chopping Board. With a dedication to functionality and creativity, we set out to create a product that would streamline meal prep and make every dish tastier and more enjoyable. Our goal was to simplify tasks in the kitchen and enhance the cooking experience for everyone.

The Creative Force behind 4t7

The Artistic Power of 4t7's Design Team

At 4t7, we understand the importance of art in design. That's why our design team collaborates with senior artists to infuse our products, including the 4t7 Smart Chopping Board and its accessories, with an amazing art spirit. This dedication to artistry is evident even in the packaging, with the creation of an incredibly artful box. Our goal is to share these original and beautiful designs with our customers and bring a splash of color and joy to their daily lives.

Why Choose Bamboo and Walnut Wood As Chopping Board Materails
The pros of bamboo cutting board: durable and resistant to scratches.


Bamboo is an incredibly durable material that outperforms many hardwoods and plastics. With a tensile strength similar to that of steel, bamboo cutting boards are highly resistant to scratches and nicks, even with frequent use. This makes bamboo an ideal material for cutting, chopping, slicing, and dicing, providing a reliable and long-lasting surface for all your kitchen needs.

The pros of walnut wood cutting board: making less noise and thicker for more stability

American Black Walnut Wood

Walnut boards offer a quiet and stable chopping experience compared to noisy marble and plastic boards. The weight and thickness of walnut prevent the board from moving around during use, enhancing safety. A walnut chopping board is an excellent choice for reliable and sturdy kitchen accessory.

Discover Other Eco-Friendly Materials We also use
 The materials 4t7 smart cutting board use-marine plastic and PP

70% Marine Plastics and 30%PP

 The materials 4t7 smart cutting board use-wheat straw

70% Wheat Straw and 30% PP

 The materials 4t7 smart cutting board use-#5 recyclable

The PP we use is recyclable

 The materials 4t7 smart cutting board use-recycled stainless steel

Recycled Stainless Steel