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4T7 smart meal prep kitchenware

4T7 smart meal prep kitchenware - 4T7

4T7 smart meal prep kitchenware

Preparing meals and deciding what to eat are more troubling than cooking, especially for office workers and mothers, choosing a suitable set of tools is the first step in preparing meals, which is fundamental but important. Choose the right set of meal preparation tools to improve your meal preparation speed and efficiency, 4T7 smart meal preparation kitchenware is your best partner for your meal preparation.

  1. Multi-board collaboration to increase meal readiness

4T7 Smart preparation kitchen utensils with the main board and an extended plastic board _main board for cutting meat,  plastic board for cutting fruit, vegetables, etc. Common chopping board raw and meat cooked food are carried on a board, can easily cause cross-infection; Washing the board if you cut one thing is a waste of water resources and time, but 4T7 products can be used on both boards, speeding up the cutting without causing cross-infection. In addition, there is a grinding area at the lower right of the plastic panel. Fast grinding of garlic, cheese, and other condiments is designed to take advantage of space. Achieve the dual function of cutting and grinding a plate. You can also avoid skewers so that condiments like garlic don't affect the taste of other ingredients. And it also helps you achieve the goal of less washing the same meal preparation tools.

  1. Juice Grooves

When cutting fruits and defrosting things, the sap and defrosting water stains that flow around often make people crazy, and these water stains flow not only on the chopping board, on the table, and even on the ground, but also in trouble. However, 4T7 smart preparation kitchenware (including defrosting tray) is provided with juice grooves around each board to facilitate catching dropped water droplets. This design can effectively avoid cleaning problems caused by water drops, by simply cleaning the chopping board you use.

  1. Weighing and calorie &nutrient conversion

For fitness enthusiasts, models, and people with high standards for their body size, it is important to control calorie intake accurately, so it is a cumbersome but necessary step to convert weight and calorie content in advance when preparing meals. This problem can be easily solved with 4T7 smart meal preparation kitchenware. You need to put the ingredients you want to weigh in the center of the chopping board weighing area. Open the exclusive APP 4T7 and select the type of food you weigh. The system's data bank of ingredients automatically calculates the number of calories, proteins, and other nutrients that correspond to the weight of the food based on the ingredients you choose. At the same time, the 4T7 APP can also record what you eat daily to form your ingestion logbook for viewing your intake records over a time frame. In addition, this intelligent feature is also very convenient for baby mothers, when preparing baby supplementary food, this function can quickly get the nutrient content that the baby needs to supplement.

  1. Free recipes

One of the headaches of preparing for a meal is deciding what to eat, 4T7 has a lot of free recipes on the App where you can pick your favorite recipes to prepare and give you some references to help you choose what to eat.


Of course, 4T7 functions are more than that, some are not limited to pre-meal preparation, like other smart apps on the APP, long-term timing, magnetic knife holder, vertical storage, and so on are convenient for cooking and subsequent cleaning storage.

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