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Share my user experience with 4T7

Share my user experience with 4T7 - 4T7

4T7 Smart Health Meal Prep System has been available for 5 months, during which time we received a lot of customer experience and feelings, and today we share one of our customers' feelings about the use of the chopping board.

"I am a man who is not focusing on raw and cooked apart, and all the food is cut on the same chopping board. By chance, I saw a blogger Nakeyta, on TikTok, out of curiosity, searched its official website and became interested in the product, so I ordered a set. "

The customer's habits changed a lot within half a month of receiving the goods. "I used to cook on my own, ordering takeaways or eating junk food to satisfy my appetite. After seeing the introduction of 4T7 official website, I realized that my lifestyle was very unhealthy, and because of the impact of the epidemic, ordering takeaways was not very safe and convenient, so I decided to cook my own. As a regular takeaway, I hardly cook, but 4T7 App has a lot of free recipes and I choose what I want to eat to follow the steps of the recipe according to how easy it is. As I learned to cook, I slowly realized the fun of cooking and began to enjoy cooking. In addition to cooking, I pay more attention to food safety. Because the 4T7 chopping board set contains two chopping boards, the main board is used to cut meat, the plastic board is used to cut vegetables and fruits, raw and cooked apart, effectively avoiding cross-infection. I used to never care about ripening apart, or cutting everything on a chopping board. After seeing the introduction on 4T7 web page, I searched for the knowledge. Having learned that raw food contains a variety of pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella, Listeria, Vibrio parahaemolyticus, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus cereus, Clostridium pneumoniae, etc., These are also issues that many people can easily ignore. But this problem is also a big security risk, so it is necessary to separate raw and ripe. Thank 4T7 very much for the product, let me start to value my food safety and health. In addition to these changes, I also enjoy the design of 4T7 products, including the food scale and timer, grinding areas, and magnetic knife holder, which are convenient to use in cooking. Of course, their APP can be connected to the chopping board and let me see how many calories and other nutrients I weigh in the food. These are the points where I have found 4T7 products that have benefited me so far, and other touching areas that I have discovered during subsequent use will be shared with you. "

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