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How to use 4T7 smart cutting board

How to use 4T7 smart cutting board - 4T7
  1. Installing the Battery

Before using the chopping board, place 4 AAA batteries in the appropriate position according to the base prompts, tighten the screws after installation, and open the chopping board with a long press.

  1. Connect exclusive APP—4T7

When the base is turned on, open the Bluetooth phone to match the chopping board.

III. Weighing & Peeling Function

Place food in the center of the chopping board weighing area, which is the weight of the said food when the value is not changing. At the same time, open the APP, click on the attached chopping board icon, select the type of food weighed, and the system automatically matches the calories corresponding to the weight of the food to the other nutrients in the database. If you want to weigh the weight of the food after peeling, click the peeling icon on the chopping board and repeat the above transformation steps.

  1. Multi-Board Use
  2. Ingredients match

Choose bamboo (walnut) chopping board for meat according to the ingredients you choose, and plastic board for vegetables and fruits. If you need to defrost food, you can place the food on the defrosting tray (direct contact between the food and the defrosting tray) for rapid defrosting. In addition, defrosting tray can act as the baking tray and heat food directly into the oven or microwave oven.

  1. Juice Groove

Both the main board and defrosting tray are designed with juice grooves to store water stains from cutting and defrost foods in the sink to reduce kitchen confusion.

  1. Grinding area

There is a grinding area design in the lower right corner of the plastic board. Garlic, cheese, and other seasonings can be ground in this area to achieve a quick cutting effect.

  1. Timing function

When cooking food requires timing, click the timing icon on the chopping board to set the appropriate time. (10 seconds to 99 minutes and 59 minutes timed)

  1. Cleaning and Maintenance
  2. Original base cleaning: Use flowing water to rinse surface dirt and dry surface water stains.
  3. Mainboard cleaning: Natural material can be washed directly with clean water, wiped clean, and dried naturally.
  4. Extended board cleaning: It can be washed directly with clean water, wipe clean, and dry naturally.
  5. To avoid moldy and deformed problems affecting equipment use, place the equipment in a ventilated drying area.
  6. Do not use sharp items such as wire balls to clean equipment.
  7. It is recommended that the main board of natural material is regularly rinsed for maintenance (food-grade mineral oil) to prolong the use of the chopping board.


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