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How smart 4t7 chopping board is

How smart 4t7 chopping board is - 4T7

Usually, the chopping board is a simple board, but why 4T7 is the smart chopping board? Mainly the following aspects:


Weighting and Timer

The original base of our chopping board has a weighing and timing design that makes it easy to do food weighing and cooking timing. Unlike common cutting boards, our chopping boards can be integrated, and you don't need to put food on a special food scale or use timing tools such as alarm clocks or hourglasses to help with cooking.


Smart and exclusive APP

We specially developed an APP to help our customers achieve smart cooking.

  1. Calorie and nutrients conversion

When you place food in the weighing area on the original base, open the mobile phone 4T7 APP, connect the chopping board, select the type of food you are weighing, and the APP searches the food database for matches based on the type of food you choose to clearly present the calories contained in the corresponding weight with other nutrients.

  1. Calorie intake record

In addition to calorie and nutrient conversion, our APP also provides calorie intake records, selects the food you weigh, and adds it to the list, which is automatically recorded and has a clear record file when you need to view it.

  1. Free recipe

Don't know what to eat or how to cook? Just click recipe on the APP, which contains free recipes from which you can pick the recipe you are interested in or want to learn. Of course, if you're a cook or a fan of sharing, you can upload your recipe to the recipe area for others to watch and learn.

  1. Moment and community

You can share your daily life in the circle, follow your interested bloggers, chat with people in different circles of the community and make like-minded friends.


Vertical supporter

Behind the original base, we designed a vertical supporter. The cutting board can be placed vertically in the kitchen, saving space and serving as a kitchen ornament.


Magnetic holder

Inside the mainboard, we added a magnet sensing device that could adsorb the cutter onto the chopping board, without worrying about the dangers of the cutter being laid out everywhere, or helping the kitchen to be tidy and not cause confusion in the placement of various items.

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