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How can 4T7 smart cutting board keep your food safe?

How can 4T7 smart cutting board keep your food safe? - 4T7

Usually, we use a cutting board to cut meat, vegetables, fruits; but these different foods contain different bacteria, which remain when exposed to kitchen knives and cutting boards, and can easily cause diarrhea, gastroenteritis, etc. when eating foods contaminated with bacteria. To avoid these conditions, we recommend you to use our product: 4T7 smart and healthy cutting board . Now please allow me to introduce the reason why 4T7 smart cutting board can avoid these conditions and keep your food safe.


Feeding-double cutting board

4T7 smart cutting board adopts feeding-double cutting board design, double board division of labor, for your food safety extra guarantee. The main board is used to cut meat and other dishes, and the extended board, below the main board, is used to cut fruits and vegetables. “Raw and cooked, meat and vegetables separate” this is the general principle of choosing a cutting board. Under this principle, our smart cutting board is more capable of escorting your food safety.



Wooden cutting boards are used to cut hard food or meat, bamboo cutting boards are used to cut cooked food, plastic cutting boards are used to make sushi, fruit and other light foods, different foods use different materials. However, buying so many boards at home is a waste of money and space. Our 4T7 smart cutting board has an embedded design, with the plastic board in the groove of the base and main board above the plastic board. Use one board’s space to complete multi-board storage, meeting the demand of different food using different materials cutting boards without taking up extra kitchen space.


Weighing and nutrient conversion

It's important to eat three meals a day, and we need to make sure we eat up to the nutrients our body need every day. Finding nutrients in food is quite cumbersome in weight conversion every time , so we specifically designed the weighing function and APP. Only the food needs to be placed in the weight area of the cutting board, and the weight will appear clearly on the digital display. At the same time, open the exclusive APP, select the food species, and the food bank in the APP automatically converts the nutrients and the calories contained according to the type of food you choose and the weight you weigh. In addition, the APP has the record function and your daily intake of nutrients and calories is automatically saved. And APP can summarize weekly, monthly records for you. This convenient and comprehensive feature allows you to eat healthier and more at ease.

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