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Bamboo/Amercian Black Walnut Board is Coming

Bamboo/Amercian Black Walnut Board is Coming - 4T7
If you are hesitant to choose between the 4T7 smart meal prep system of a bamboo set and an American black walnut wood set, and you want to try both materials, but the prices of the two sets are a bit beyond your expectations, then the new plan of 4T7 will keep you from tangling—launch bamboo/American walnut single board. You can choose one of the two sets, and then choose the single board of the other material, so that you can enjoy two different materials of cutting boards at the best price.
How to choose bamboo/black walnut? You can choose what you need according to the introduction below.
Bamboo Cutting Board:
  • 100% Nature wood, select the five-year deep mountain bamboo
  • No paint,no wax, real core solid bamboo
  • The carbonization process is not easy to mold,
  • Smooth and thorn-free fine grinding;
  • Three-layer process, not easy to deform and bend.
Amercian Black Walnut Cutting Board:
  • Selected logs imported from North America
  • The wood is hard and durable,
  • The texture is warm and smooth.
  • Natural logs are made of solid wood, the wood grain is natural and clear
  • Safe, environmentally friendly and harmless
  • Three-layer process, not easy to deform and bend
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