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4T7 smart meal prep kitchenware solves your problem

4T7 smart meal prep kitchenware solves your problem - 4T7

"Raw-cooked separation" is a much-watched point in the kitchen, and in many cases, the "culprit" of the kitchen's danger is the mismanagement of raw food, so "raw-cooked separation" cannot be ignored in cooking.

Why does raw food cause kitchen danger?

Many raw foods may have salmonella, typhoid bacillus, dysentery bacillus, Staphylococcus, parahemolytic solitary bacteria, pathogenic E. coli, hepatitis virus, and other pathogenic microorganisms, If you ignore separating raw food from cooked food during processing and storage, the bacteria, the viruses on raw foods, Pathogenic microorganisms such as parasitic eggs contaminate cooked foods. Under suitable temperature and humidity conditions, after a certain amount of time on cooked food and producing toxic substances, food enters the human body, causing disease and endangering human health.

How can we avoid the distress and danger caused by immature ripening? The easiest way is to use two kitchenware sets. However, two kitchenware sets not only increase the cost of money but also take up more kitchen space. 4T7 smart meal prep kitchenware can solve this problem well.

Four-piece sets of 4T7 smart meal prep kitchenware contain the original base, main board, extended plastic board, and defrosting tray that meet the need for "ripening apart" without taking up excess kitchen space.

  1. Combo Set

4T7 smart meal prep kitchen utensils adopt an all-in-one design, occupying only one board space can complete the storage of several chopping boards, effectively solving the problem of occupying kitchen space. A plastic board and defrosting tray can be placed between the original base and the main board, or according to your personal habits, these plates can be assembled and placed at will.

  1. Vertical storage board and magnetic knife holder

In addition to being free to assemble and occupying only one board of space, 4T7 Smart Meal Prep Kitchenware features vertical storage boards and a magnetic knife holder, which can be placed vertically in the kitchen, not taking up kitchen space but also serving as ornaments. At the same time, you can place the knife at the magnetic absorption induction of the main board and adsorb it firmly on the main board, both in dual storage and to reduce the trouble of finding too much kitchenware.

  1. Multiplate boards

The basic thing about "raw-cooked separation" is that raw-cooked food uses different utensils, 4T7 smart meal preparation kitchenware adopts this concept to complete raw-cooked separation. bamboo chopping board/black walnut wood chopping board for meat cutting, the extended plastic board is used to cut vegetables and fruits, defrosting tray is used to thaw food, or to serve as a baking plate. Different foods use chopping boards of different materials, separate raw and ripe foods, avoid cross-infection and make rational use of kitchen space without taking up extra space.

So if you're worried about the distress and money involved in separating raw food and ripe food, try 4T7 smart meal prep kitchenware, spending a share to solve multiple problems.

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