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4T7 smart meal prep system is a must-have for camping

4T7 smart meal prep system is a must-have for camping - 4T7

Camping, as a way of exploring the pleasant leisure in nature, is highly sought after by the public, and more and more people choose to relax by camping and staying in nature. Proper camping allows you to stay away from the electronic screen, relieve stress on your work and life, increase your connection to nature, promote emotions with friends and family, and help you move your body and develop new skills. But camping also has a lot of preparation and tools, and choosing a suitable tool can reduce your preparation process and make effective use of the car space. In addition to tents and first aid kits, picnic cutlery is essential, and 4T7 smart meal preparation kitchenware is your best partner for camping.

  1. Multi-board design to provide more space for food preparation

If you cut the food in advance and put it in a storage box, the food will not be fresh, food that is not fresh is easy to eat diarrhea, food safety is not guaranteed, and too many storage boxes are too much to carry. 4T7 smart built-in-one meal prep kitchenware has a multi-board integrated design. It takes just one chopping block space to place three chopping boards. And each chopping board is designed for different functions. The mainboard is used to cut meat, the plastic extended board is used to cut vegetables and fruits, Defrosting tray included in four-piece sets can be thawed 6 times faster, allowing food to thaw faster. In this way, you can use three boards to cut meat, vegetables, and fruits, and thaw food, and you can also put food on the chopping board to reduce space use.

  1. Weighing convenience

If you are someone who has strict standards for your size, It's important to control your calorie intake for every meal. But if camping takes an extra food scale and wastes space, 4T7 smart built-in-one meal prep kitchenware has a weighing function on the original base. A precise weighing of 1g-3kg can be achieved by simply placing food in the central area where the base weighs. Of course, if you don't care much about calorie intake, the term can also help you weigh ingredients like seasoning powder, which is also very convenient.

  1. Timing

Timing is a very important part of our cooking. Many people buy timers because cooking with mobile phone timers can easily stain the phone screen, and when you're camping, it's cumbersome with a lot of tools. 4T7 Smart built-in-one meal prep kitchen also has a timekeeping feature that can be timed for up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds with the base switch button turned on.

  1. Grinding area

Ingredients like garlic, cheese, etc. need to be used with the grinder while camping with one more grinder, though not very footprint, can also increase your preparation burden. The 4T7 plastic extended board has a grinding area, one board is versatile, and can complete the double function of cutting fruits and vegetables and grinding ingredients.

  1. Magnetic holder

When you finish cutting, you don't need to think about putting the knife elsewhere to take up space, 4T7 has a magnetic knife holder, and simply put the knife on the main board to make it easy to store the tool, saving space and convenient to store.


Take 4T7 meal prep kitchenware, you will have a cutting board, weigh, timer, knife holder, and other tools in hand. 4T7 smart built-in-one meal prep kitchenware is very convenient for camping.

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