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4T7 chopping board really deserves your choice

4T7 chopping board really deserves your choice - 4T7

Those who delve into the kitchen must be extremely demanding of the chopping board. In terms of durability, no cracking or deformation is the basic requirement; From the perspective of food safety, it is not easy for chopping boards to breed bacteria to ensure hygiene in the treatment of ingredients; For fast-paced urbanites, the cleaning and maintenance of chopping boards should not be too troublesome. A chopping board can affect the feeling of the knife, good chopping board can make the kitchen knife fall smoothly when cutting vegetables and have a sense of incision but not a bite knife. You can't damage the blade while demonstrating knifemaking techniques. Choosing a chopping board that meets these conditions at the same time will give you a headache, so I recommend using 4T7 black walnut chopping board.


The 4T7 black walnut chopping board is a selection of North American logs and the wood is hard and durable. Black walnut wood has good size stability and is rated as the most durable wood even in a corrosion-prone environment.

Food Safety

The 4t7 Smart Meal Preparation System contains the main board and an extended plastic board, so you can use a black walnut board to cut meat, and a plastic board to cut vegetables and fruits, cooked apart, and avoid cross-infection. In addition, bacteriostatic materials are added to the 4T7 main board, which can effectively inhibit bacterial growth. Adding pp silver ion antimicrobial material to extended plastic plates prevents bacteria from growing. Add antibacterial and antibacterial materials on the basis of separate raw and cooked materials to ensure the hygiene and safety of the ingredients.

Cleaning and maintenance

For original base cleaning: use flowing water to rinse surface dirt and dry surface water stains. For main board and extended board cleaning: wash directly with clean water, wiped clean, and dry naturally.  How to maintain a smart cutting board? Place the equipment in a ventilated drying area to avoid moldy and deformed problems affecting equipment use. Do not use sharp items such as wire balls to clean equipment. It is recommended that the mainboard of natural material be regularly rinsed for maintenance (food grade mineral oil) to prolong the use of the chopping board.

Knife Friendly

The walnut board is gentle on your knives and won't dull the blades. it will provide a good cutting surface to ensure that the blade is not damaged, and you will not have to sharpen the knife frequently.

4T7 chopping board really deserves your choice.

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