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Why choose 4T7 smart chopping board?

Why choose 4T7 smart chopping board? - 4T7

A cutting board is an indispensable and often overlooked tool in the kitchen. A suitable cutting board will not only improve your cooking efficiency, but also ensure food safety and effectively protect the health of you and your family.

How to choose a suitable cutting board ? There are three mainly points:vegetable cutting comfort and convenience ; easy cleaning; beautiful display. Our product——4T7 smart cutting board can perfectly meet these needs.


Why 4T7 smart cutting board is comfortable and convenient ?

The 4T7 smart cutting board is equipped with two separate cutting boards. The wooden &bamboo cutting board on the upper part is used for cutting meat and other dishes; the plastic cutting board on the bottom is used for cutting vegetables and fruits. . Using two boards can effectively avoid cross-infection, reduce the potential safety hazards such as diarrhea caused by cross-infection, and provide more protection for your health. Maybe you will say using two boards is a waste of space and money  ,but I need to tell you that our smart cutting board is designed to be stored in one, which means the plastic board can be put in the bottom of the wooden & bamboo board.


Why 4T7 smart cutting board is easy cleaning?

When there is a fishy smell, oil, cuts, etc. on the cutting board, it is very easy to breed bacteria on the cutting board. Therefore, regular and effective cleaning is very important. The steps for cleaning a cutting board are pretty much the same, with hot water or soda. The emphasis is on drying after cleaning. If the cutting board is not completely dry, the damp side will breed mold, which will bring hidden danger to safety and health. For 4T7 smart cutting board, you don’t need to worry about this problem. Our smart cutting boards contain PP silver ions, which are non-toxic and harmless, effectively sterilized, and environmentally friendly. You just need to wash it with hot water or soap ,wiping it with a clean and dry rag.  Every two to four weeks, if desired, coat and buff your wooden board with food-safe mineral oil or a pre-mixed combination of oil and beeswax. It will assist in avoiding warping and cracking and odors and stains.


How beautiful can 4T7 smart cutting board be display?

The ordinary cutting board can only be laid flat, unlike ordinary cutting boards, our smart cutting board has a foldable storage design that can store the cutting board vertically. What’s more, our smart cutting board has a magnetic knife holder that hold knife on the smart cutting board. With this design, you can save space for your kitchen and make your knife at a safe place. In additional ,our smart cutting board can be an attractive decoration.


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