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Smart Cutting Board with a Built-in Scale

Smart Cutting Board with a Built-in Scale - 4T7

Smart Cutting Board with a Built-in Scale is undoubtedly one of the most excellent designs ever seen, and it will undoubtedly be at the top of your kitchen needs list. It's a smart chopping board with many unusual characteristics. Still, the most important one in these "Built-in scale". With this much-needed improvement, you can get rid of counter clutter and additional kitchen equipment.

The most fascinating feature of the Smart Cutting Board with a Built-in Scale is its ‘Built-in Measuring Scale” that can weigh your food. The control panel's middle button toggles between grams, ounces, pounds, kilograms, and a tare function for precision, ensuring that you always have the appropriate portions. Kitchen timers are nothing new, but this one is built into the surface and can run for up to several hours!

The Smart Cutting Board with a Built-in Scale is not only smart, but also powerful, holding up to pounds. These are usually made out of bamboo wood, chosen for its hardness, durability, and affordability. Because designers and consumers value sustainability, the board and its interchangeable pieces are all 100 percent recyclable. These are the smart cutting board with batteries and other technology

Smart Cutting Board Features

The smart cutting board replaces up to five single-use gadgets and equipment in your kitchen by combining all five into one incredible cutting board. You'll never have to look for food scale or a kitchen timer again, and you'll have more space in your kitchen for storage and organization.

Multiple Cutting Plates

Thanks to the multiple cutting surfaces, you may switch between raw meat and seafood, and other dishes without fear of cross-contamination. The smaller cutting board can also be used for food waste, storing sliced items, and transporting chopped food to the burner. The main cutting surface can be changed.

Built-in Scale

The built-in scale is located on the left side of the cutting board. You may weigh few pounds and measure your ingredients in grams, ounces, pounds, and kilograms. Always get the precise serving size! With a single long-press of the middle button on the control panel, you can choose between grams, ounces, pounds, and kilograms. There is a tare function on the scale. Lay the bowl or other vessel on the scale and click the third (middle) button on the control panel to zero out the scale so that you're only weighing the food, not the container.


Your food will always be perfect with hours digital kitchen timer embedded into the smart cutting board. Unlike standard kitchen timers, which only go up to 59 minutes, the smart cutting board timer has a larger reading and can be programmed for up to several hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds, allowing it to be used for even large and slow cooker meals.

Cutting Board is a Platter too.

A cutting board can be a platter for parties and guests, in addition to food preparation! You can use it as two different food serving surfaces or an excellent cheese or charcuterie board with the second surface protruding from the bottom to hold cheese knives and catch any drips.

Battery Charging Last Several Days.

The Smart Cutting Board with a Built-in Scale includes a vast (approximately 3000 m Ah) battery that charges quickly. Your smart cutting board may last up to 30 days of regular daily use with just one hour of charging.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

The Smart Cutting Board with a Built-in Scale is easy to clean & maintain. Few cutting boards are available in market with a waterproof rating system that measures an object's capacity to withstand water. When the device is tilted up to and including 15 degrees, the device signifies your product is protected against some water drops.

However, we do not recommend soak the smart cutting board in the dishwasher because the soaking will deform and break down all-natural cutting boards over time. Usually the Primary Cutting Board is made of Bamboo. Bamboo is an absolutely natural and organic wood. It requires low maintenance.

High Strength and Tested Durability

The smart cutting board is highly durable! It can support up to 150 pounds. Bamboo is a wholly natural and organic material considered a "low maintenance wood," meaning it is firm and dense, which keeps water out of the wood and prevents it from warping or cracking like other woods. Maple, walnut, and cherry, for example, require frequent treatment with mineral oil or beeswax to avoid cracking and warping. Bamboo is noted for its durability and affordability and its resistance to knife scarring due to its rigid density.

A Smart Cutting Board with a Built-in Scale Ensure Healthy Cooking.

Did you know that bacteria and germs can be found in knife blocks, drawers, and even conventional cutting boards? No one appears to mention it, but the bacteria lurking in your kitchen are very real. With an outer disinfecting layer sheathed over cutting board, the revolutionary smart cutting board keeps the cutting surfaces germ-free. Due to gouges and scrapes, in traditional cutting boards, the wood can grow hazardous bacteria and germs. On the other hand, a smart cutting Boards with protective layers, stop bacterial growth.


Smart Cutting Board with a Built-in Scale is simple to use and are readily available. The smart cutting board has built-in timer, weighting scale and multiple board. You can choose whatever the feature you want to relish. The Built-in Scaling and Calorie-counter can help your weight-loss journey too. A Healthy Diet and Delectable Meal is now accessible.

To avoid cross-contamination, you can use two cutting surfaces to alternate between vegetables and meat. You can use the smaller cutting board to keep food scraps, store chopped produce on the side, or transfer items to the stove. The main cutting surface can be replaced thanks to the ingenious design when necessary.

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