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Smart Cutting Board, Smart Weight Loss, Live Healthily

Smart Cutting Board, Smart Weight Loss, Live Healthily - 4T7

A Smart Cutting Board will be with you from your morning toast through your Thanksgiving feast. Numerous options are available. So, which sort of cutting board is best for you and your kitchen? A best Smart Cutting Board helps you live healthy.

There are many options in Smart Cutting Board on the market with unique features. Some are more focused on technology than on culinary arts. If you're a gadget fanatic, features like scales, knife sanitizers, folding joints, and nesting boards are fantastic, but any ultimate chef would discard them as gimmicks. If you carve many types of meat, the one with grooves is excellent.

On the other hand, anti-slip rubber feet is an exceptional feature that we incorporate on our cutting boards. The increased stability provided by the feet is beneficial to your safety and allows you to concentrate on your knife technique rather than holding down the board. The board's elevation from the countertop also ensures that the bottom surface receives adequate airflow, dries correctly after washing, and does not gather moisture during usage.

Why Your Kitchen Needs A Smart Cutting Board?

Smart Cutting Board can be used for cutting, cooking, weighing, and sterilizing. Usually it's an all-in-one board that combines four separate kitchen tools to make food prep more accessible than ever. It has a built-in food scale, kitchen timer, knife sharpeners, and a special UV-C light to sterilize and disinfect your knives and cutting surfaces. It helps to disinfect up to three blades at once with just one minute of UV-C light exposure, and it helps to eliminate 99% of germs and bacteria on cutting surfaces.

Smart Cutting Board is usually made strong and durable. In fact, thecutting boards are one of the essential kitchen utensils.

Professional chefs are meticulous about everything in their kitchens, especially how and where they prepare food. Commercial cutting boards are built from high-quality materials to highlight the chef's expertise, and there are methods to get these features in your kitchen.

A professional smart cutting board explicitly built for commercial cooks is a must-have tool in their kitchen since they would not use any ordinary plastic board. Because of its known durability and strength, most cooks use hardwood variants.

Features of Professional’s Smart Cutting Board 

Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, cutting boards are essential for the cooking process. A perfect cutting board has all the qualities that chefs look for in their boards, so you don't have to be a professional to use the best equipment.


A chef hopes that their kitchen utensils will last for many years, as replacing inferior products can be pricey. They promise years of use for this kitchen appliance using a sturdy and durable wood cutting board. Because wood is known for its strength, it is an ideal material for commercial cutting boards, as it ensures endurance in an item used every day in the kitchen.


When preparing large quantities of food for consumers, hygiene is at the top of a chef's priority list. Along with fresh vegetables, chefs must maintain a clean and sanitary work environment. Mostly natural antibacterial properties make cutting board an excellent choice for a cutting. As well a smart board is easy-to-wash too.


Chefs must claim their safety in every manner. They are in a job where they work with sharp tools all day. A chopping board with a smooth surface, such as steel or glass, will eventually cause the blade to slip, posing a severe safety risk to the operator. Wood is perfect for establishing traction with a sharp knife and preventing it from slipping off the edge because it is both firms and cushioned on the surface.

Form & Size

Professional cutting boards come in various forms and sizes, including circular cutting boards that take up a lot of bench area. Custom shapes may be required depending on the kitchen and the cuisine that the chef specializes in. However, most common chopping boards are large and rectangular, covering most meal preparation.

Utility Protection

Professional cooks avoid materials like glass, stone, hard plastic, granite, and steel because they can severely harm a knife. Because a sharpened knife's edge is so fragile, repeated contact with one of these abrasive surfaces will quickly dull it. Wood is the favored alternative here since skilled chefs do not want to use blunt instruments or spend time polishing their utensils.


A knife's sound when it comes into contact with a chopping board is a severe aspect, even if it may not appear to be as crucial as the other factors at first glance. The sound of a knife striking glass or steel is unpleasant, and it can easily irritate an entire kitchen in only a few minutes.

How Smart Cutting Board Aids Weight Loss Strategies?

It's common to shed fat first when trying to lose weight, good fats can assist you in attaining your weight reduction objectives. In reality, multiple studies have indicated that eating a high-protein diet rich can help you lose weight. For this purpose you must keep a Smart Board for chopping, dicing and layering meat. A smart board with calorie-counter also prove beneficial.

 If you are on Weight Loss Journey, eat a high-Protein breakfast. Simply substituting a protein-rich scramble cooked with eggs and sautéed vegetables for your usual bowl of cereal can help you lose weight. Increasing your protein intake in the morning will help you avoid unhealthy eating and control your appetite throughout the day.


Smart Cutting board Material is critical in protecting your knives from harm and ensure sharpness too. The surface is strong enough to endure regular cuts but soft enough to keep the blade safe. As cooks prepare vast quantities of food for commercial consumption, sanitation and food safety are essential priorities. Many studies have demonstrated that bacteria cannot survive in deep fractures within a cutting board, indicating that wood has a natural ability to kill bacteria.

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