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Reference information about 4T7 thawing tray

Reference information about 4T7 thawing tray - 4T7

The thawing board is an important component of the 4T7 Smart Meal Prep System and has played a lot of functions during the meal preparation process. The information on thawing plates is described below.

Thaw plates with nano AF coating, no water, no electricity, and zero energy, through the design of the heat tank structure, can achieve six times the speed of traditional thaw, making heat conduction more scientific. In addition, the 4T7 thaw plate breaks through the conventional thaw plate design, the integrated juice groove design allows thawing, water receiving, and storage integration. It has the following characteristics:

Anti-fouling: preventing fingerprints and oil from adhesion and easy erasure

Anti-scratch: smooth surface, feel comfortable, not easy to scratch

Thin Film Layer: Coating Thickness is about 1um, Accelerating Hot and Cold Interaction of Thawing Plate and Thawing Effect More Quickly

Wear Resistance: True Wear Resistance

Natural hydrophobicity, reducing food residue, healthy bacteriostasis

In addition to features, there is some information on the maintenance and precautions of thawing plates.

  1. Clean: Clean with flowing water + detergent. Dishwasher cleaning is not possible because the dishwasher breaks the thawing plate surface coating.
  2. It is resistant to bending and deformation and high temperature at room temperature. It is not allowed to be grilled directly with an open fire because the thawing plate is made of aluminum alloy, the melting point of aluminum alloy is about 600 degrees, and the open fire barbecue temperature is up to 600 ~ 1000 + or more.
  3. You cannot cut vegetables on thawing plates, which are used to scientifically quickly thaw food, and use knives to break its surface coating.
  4. The thaw plate is made of ADC12 material (not food grade aluminum), the surface is coated with food contact grade, the quality and safety tests meet the standard, and can be used with confidence.
  5. Thaw Time Reference for Common Foods


    55% RH








    0.07 oz

    2.2 oz

    4.8 oz

    9 oz

    6.8 oz

    Defrosting Tray

    15 s

    8-10 min

    20-25 min

    25-30 min

    30-35 min

    Natural Defrosting

    18 min

    20 min

    45 min

    65 min

    72 min

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