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Main functions of 4T7 smart chopping board

Main functions of 4T7 smart chopping board - 4T7

As an innovative product of science and technology, what functions of the 4T7 smart chopping board are innovative?

  1. Multi-plate integration, free combination

Main board, extended plastic board, defrosting tray and original base are built-in-one, you can combinate them according to your needs and like.

  1. Weight & peeling function

How do you weigh the net weight of food? Put the container first on the food weigher, then put the food in the container, resulting in the total weight minus the container weight. For 4T7 smart cutting board, you just need to put the food on the weighing area, click the peeling button, can get the net weight of your food. Besides, the weighing scale is varying from 1g to 3kg and the accuracy scale is 0.1g.

  1. Smart exclusive APP

When you're using the weighing feature, open your phone Bluetooth to connect to the exclusive APP - 4T7, and choose the type of food you weigh. Our system automatically converts the number of calories, protein, and other nutrients contained in the food under this weight according to the type of food you choose and the type of food you eat.

  1. Long-term timing

4T7 smart chopping boards can achieve long timings ranging from 10s to 99 minutes and 59 seconds, and the timing settings are simple and convenient. Click the timing button to start setting, press the + - button, select from the last digit, set the number you want to set, click the timing button to press the + - button again, complete the seconds setting, and score setting to repeat the operation.

  1. Juice grooves

Unlike ordinary chopping boards, our chopping boards are designed with juice grooves to catch drop water when cutting vegetables and fruits to reduce kitchen chaos.

  1. Grinding area

In addition to multi-board integration, we also set up a grinding area on the plastic panel to combine the grinding device with the cutting board. Can help you quickly grind garlic, cheese, and other seasonings, but also save kitchen space and money.

  1. Magnetic and vertical holder

At the top right of the mainboard, there is a magnetic suction setting, which can absorb the knife to facilitate the storage of the knife and cutting boards; Behind the original base, there are small vertical panels designed to hold them vertically to serve as decorations for the kitchen.

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