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How to clean smart cutting board?

How to clean smart cutting board? - 4T7

Chopping boards are essential tools in the kitchen for cutting fruit, vegetables, meat, etc. But if a long-term use of a chopping board does not clean up, it will breed many bacteria, causing food safety hazards. It is very important to clean the chopping board properly . 4T7 smart cutting board is consist of one main board ,one extended board and the original base. You need to use different methods to clean this set of board.

How to clean smart cutting board?

For original base cleaning :use flowing water to rinse surface dirt and dry surface water stains. For main board and extended board cleaning : wash directly with clean water, wiped clean and dried naturally.

How to maintain smart cutting board?

  • To avoid moldy and deformed problems affecting equipment use, place the equipment in a ventilated drying area.
  • Do not use sharp items such as wire balls to clean equipment.
  • It is recommended that the mainboard of natural material be regularly rinsed for maintenance (food grade mineral oil) to prolong the use of the chopping board.

In addition to regular cleaning, regular replacement of chopping boards is also important. How do you know if the chopping board should be replaced? Here are a few tips to give you.

  • Is your current cutting board riddled with deep grooves or cut marks? Bacteria can grow in deep grooves. Thus the board may need to be replaced.
  • If you're looking for a new wooden cutting board, opt for one built from a single piece of solid wood.
  • Consider how porous the material is and whether it is safe to sterilize when purchasing a new board.

A cutting board should be considered a food contamination risk unless thoroughly cleaned, rinsed, and sanitized.  Any smart cutting boards that exhibit indications of wear and tear should be replaced. Disposable cutting boards can also be helpful because they are only used once and then discarded. Spend some time thinking about keeping your cutting board from infecting your food.



Smart Healthy Cutting Board is one of our kitchen's most trusted equipment. You can get a lot done with knife but for healthy chopping, dicing, mincing, and smashing, nothing beats Smart Healthy Cutting Board.

Smart Cutting Board can be of solid wood, plastic, marble, glass, or pyro ceramic. The USDA recommends bamboo cutting boards because they are more rigid and less porous (so they absorb less moisture) than hardwoods and are easy to clean.


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