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Quick learn how 4T7 Smart APP work

Quick learn how 4T7  Smart APP work - 4T7
4T7 APP is the smartest part of the 4T7 smart meal prep system, so how to use the 4T7 APP is the essential part and we will introduce it to you.
1. Install 4 AAA batteries.
2. Make the phone's Bluetooth "ON" and click the switch button on the base.
3. Open the "4T7" APP and click the "+" on my kitchen.
4. When the APP shows you "discovering devices", click "add" and connect the phone to the board.
5. Set the information according to the system step.
Tips: If the phone can't connect with the board successfully, please press "+" "-" at the same time for about 10 seconds and try again!
Track calories
1. Put the food in the center of the weighting area.
2. Choose the type of food you weigh.
3. The system will automatically transform the food's calories at that weight to show you.
4. Apart from the calories, the system will show you other nutrients that food contains at that weight.
5. Click "add", the system will record this meal's calories and add other foods you eat, so you can track today's or the recent days' calories and nutrients you have intake.
- Free recipes
If you don't know what to eat today or how to cook a meal, you can open the recipes to choose one and cook a recipe.
- Upload recipes
If you want to share your cooking skills with others, you can upload your own recipes to let others browse and learn.
If you want to make friends with the same hobby——exercise、cooking and others, you can chat with others in the circle you are interested in. What's more, you can share your meal or life to meet your soulmate.
These are the main functions of the 4T7 APP. Come and try them!
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