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4T7 Smart Meal Prep System-"The Frame" series (17.7" x 11" x 1.4")

  • 🌳【Two Cutting Boards】4T7 smart cutting boards contain a main cutting board and s a wheat straw board.
  • 📱【Health Management】4T7 smart cutting board has functions like timing and weighing, you can even check the calories through the mobile APP.
  • ☂️【Waterproof Design】The digital scale and timer in the original base are built with tempered waterproof glass.
  • 🌱【Sustainable】75% of the main cutting board is made from bamboo.
  • ⏳【Healthy Defrosting】The thawing tray's made of a special thermal material that speeds up the defrosting process while save food original falor.
  • 💰【After-Sales Service】If you are not satisfied with our boards within 30 days of your order, we can replace it with a new one or refund your money.
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Product Description

"The Frame" Series - 4T7 Smart Meal Prep System

4T7 smart meal prep system combines nearly all the troubling things in the cooking process to extend the traditional role of a normal cutting board. Her intelligent functions such as weighing, timing, and smart APP help make cooking a more pleasing and exciting thing. While some other thoughtful gadgets, such as magnetic knife holder, grinding area, juice groove, and vertical stand make her an amazing kitchen all-rounder.

Finer Details

Product Features

Weighing like a kitchen scale

It features 4 units of measurement. It’s accurate down to 0.1 of a gram or up to 3kg.

Time Your Meals Just Right

The built-in digital timer goes to 99 mins and 59 secs so you can time meals of any size.

Save More Time on Cleaning

The digital area are built with tempered waterproof glass that comes clean with a wipe.

Two Boards Better than One

Use one board for meat and the other for veg, without them having to meet before you’re ready.

Quick and Healthy Thawing

The add-on defrosting tray uses a ladder style groove design to channel air evenly across the food, allowing it to warm more surfaces.

Get Artisanal with Your Spices

A spoonful or coriander, a pinch of pepper. Whatever needed, the spice grinder built into the main cutting board lets you have it fresh.

Keep Knife Where You Need It

The 4T7 features a handy magnet embedded into the corner of the cutting board. Simply tap your knife into it when you’re finished using.

Spend No Efforts to Assemble

The 4T7 fits together like a stack of classy kitchen legos, so you can take it apart, pull out what you need, and put it away with ease.

Additional Features

Make Meal Prep and Cooking A Cinch

Cut the food, weigh it, check the calories and recipes through the mobile APP and then cook an amazing dinner for youself or your family. A one-stop solution with ease and excitement

More Healthy and Cleaner

No Bacteria and Mess

The 4T7’s natural bamboo and black walnut chopping boards both feature a waterproof, non-toxic varnish made to keep bacteria from digging its way into the wood. The finish fights scratches and knife scars, where bacteria and mold can tunnel inside other boards. Time to say goodbye to bacterial and mess!

Compare with others

Do What Other Boards Can't

Compared with other chopping boards, we have a smart App to record your daily calorie intake, a foldable backplate for vertical storage, precise slot design for flexible assembly, a defrosting tray 6 hours faster and more colors for your options.

What's included in the package

  • (1)Original smart base
  • (2)Main board
  • (3)Extended board
  • (4)Manual
  • (5)Packing box
  • (6)Thawing Tray(if the set includes)

Note: Please note that the thawing tray will be shipped out separately in a dependent package if the set that you purchase includes Thawing Tray.


Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Useful and beautiful

Quite useful. I like using it in my garden very much.


I bought it as a gift for my girlfriend. She thinks it's quite effort saving. Easy to clean and manage. I can give it 5 stars.

Roberto Cienfuegos
A beatutiful decoration to my kitchen

It is really well made and it is a great addition to my kitchen. Really solid and is just the right sizeI am happy with this defrosting tray. Also was shipped very fast.

A gift for my girlfriend

I could tell my girlfriend really liked it, she made breakfast with it the morning after she received the package and took photos to share with me.

Give thumbs-up to its weighing scale

Love its weighing scale, I can know how much I take every meal.Really smart gadgets.