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Why black walnut board more expensive?

Why black walnut board more expensive? - 4T7

The reason why 4T7 black walnut cutting boards are more expensive.

  1. Product update

After more than a year of painstaking research and development, 4T7 products have been tested in many aspects, such as material, design, and texture to ensure a better experience for users.
double layer side plate
Three-layer I-shaped board
Frizz cheap feeling
Smooth craftsmanship


The design of the three-layer I-shaped board makes the cutting board more stable and not easy to bend and deform. In addition, compared with the frizzy and thorny feeling before the upgrade, the appearance of the painting coating after the upgrade not only makes the surface of the cutting board smooth, but also has a sense of craftsmanship, and is more suitable for kitchen decoration. Of course, the painting coating on the cutting board is food-grade varnish and certified safe.
  1. Strict production quality control

Material: Antibacterial ingredients are added to inhibit the growth of bacteria and ensure food safety.
Testing: Random testing to control the quality.
In addition to the spotless workshop to ensure production hygiene, 4T7 will also conduct random sampling, pressure, drop, vibration, humidity and other multiple tests during the production process to control product quality.
  1. Compared with different manufacturers of the same material

The 4T7 team purchased a common black walnut cutting board on the market for a simple test comparison.
4T7 chopping board
Cutting boards from other manufacturers
Painted coating, smooth surface
Oiled coating, rough surface
material design
Three-layer I-shaped board, stable and not easy to deform
Single-layer board, easy to moisture deformation and cracking
Normal cut scratches with white marks
Normal cutting scratches, no obvious white scratches
Magnetic knife holder, juice groove
Some have juice grooves


Compared with the oily appearance of ordinary cutting boards, 4T7 uses a painting coating to make the surface of the cutting board smooth and beautiful. At the same time, the stable design makes the cutting board not easy to deform during transportation and use.
Compared with other cutting boards——the single-layer board,the 4T7 board has an extra guarantee. The magnetic knife holder and the juice groove realize a multi-purpose board, which is not only convenient for kitchen cleaning but also conducive to the storage of knives.
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