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Why is 4T7 the world's first 7-1 smart cutting board?

Why is 4T7 the world's first 7-1 smart cutting board? - 4T7
  1. Combination of Tradition and Technology

In addition to the primary function of the chopping board, the 4T7 chopping board also combines the troubling things in the cooking process to maximize the traditional role of the chopping board. In technology, intelligent functions such as weighing, timing, and smart APP make the kitchen intelligent and convenient.
  1. Separate raw and cooked, antibacterial and bacteriostatic, ensuring food safety

Separation of raw and cooked is one of the most important and unobservable aspects of food safety, but using two chopping boards wastes money and takes up kitchen space. 4T7 with these factors in mind, there are two chopping boards- a bamboo chopping board black walnut chopping board for cutting meat, and a small plate of wheat straw used to cut vegetables and fruits. It is also designed to be integrated and embedded so that two chopping boards can be placed using the space of one chopping board. Not only can it be raw and cooked apart, but it also adds antibacterial and bacteriostatic components to inhibit bacterial growth.
  1. Renewable resources

Most 4T7 materials use renewable resources, using marine waste, renewable stainless steel, and other materials, turning waste into treasure, so that products can be biochemical, substituted, and not added to natural pressure.
  1. chopping board and APP linkage

Food scales and calorie intake need to be rigorously controlled for those who focus on figure management. While weighing is not very cumbersome, it is cumbersome to record the weight of each weighing food and to see the weight of the food in the corresponding calorie content. The exclusive APP of 4T7 can be connected to the food scale at the base of the chopping board, select the food you weigh within the APP, and the APP automatically matches the content of the calories and other nutrients at the corresponding weight in the food bank.
  1. APP features diversified

There are many free recipes in the APP for the kitchen to learn from, and you can upload your own recipes and turn yourself into a chef for others to learn. In addition, there are a lot of hot community topics in the APP that you can participate in, communicate with, and make like-minded friends at any time.
  1. Grinding area & juice groove

For condiments like garlic, many people will feel that cutting other foods after they have been cut will skewer, 4T7 designed grinding areas under small plastic plates for quick grinding, with exclusive areas not to worry about skewing with other foods. There are grooves designs around the chopping board, which can be used to store sap and avoid splashing.
  1. Magnetic Knife holder, Vertical Storage

The top right side of the mainboard has a magnetic knife holder design. Simply get the knife close to the magnetic area and the chopping board will firmly adsorb the knife. In addition, there is a foldable panel at the back of the base, which can achieve vertical storage of the chopping board. This efficient storage can save kitchen space and serve as a kitchen decoration and embellish the kitchen.
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