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Cost-effective extended board

Cost-effective extended board - 4T7

There is usually only one chopping board, but 4t7 smart cutting board has a mainboard and an extended board. What is the meaning of this extended board?

  1. The extended board used only to cut fruits and vegetables and not to share a chopping board with raw meat cooked food to reduce cross-infection.
  2. 4T7 smart cutting board is designed with built-in-one scale, not requiring extra space, just put in the area between original base and mainboard.
  3. Grinding area. You can grind garlic, cheese and other materials here. Thus ,you don’t need to buy another grinder and you can save space of your kitchen.
  4. It adds pp silver ions, which can be effectively antibacterial.

Why pp silver ions can be antibacterial?

  • The silver ions are positively charged, the cell wall of the bacteria is negatively charged, and the silver will absorb the cell wall of the bacteria, causing the positive and negative electrical inequality to cause the bacteria to rupture and achieve antibacterial effect.
  • Silver ions infiltrate cells and destroy intracellular structures (mitochondria, vacuoles, ribosome) and biomolecules (proteins, lipids and DNA), thus disrupting cell synthetase activity and thereby losing the ability of microorganisms to divide and proliferate.
  • Silver ions have a strong adsorption and fixation effect on viruses. They can bind to certain proteins on the surface of viruses and affect the interaction between viruses and cell receptors.
  • Silver ions can bind to viral nucleic acids, change the structure of viral deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) or ribonucleic acid (RNA), affect the replication and reproduction of viruses, and render viruses inactive.
  • Silver has a long-term antibacterial mechanism. After the silver dries on the surface of the object, an antibacterial protective membrane will be formed.

As can be seen from the above, although this extended board is simple, it can perform more functions than usual, and it is cost-effective.


Best defrosting tray

What’s the difference between 4t7 defrosting tray and others?

  1. Anti-fouling: preventing fingerprints and oil from adhesion and easy erasure.
  2. Scratch-proof: smooth surface, comfortable feel, not easy to scrape.
  3. Thin film layer: Coating thickness is about 1um, accelerating hot and cold interaction of defrosting tray, and defrosting  more rapidly.
  4. Wear Resistance: True Wear Resistance.
  5. Natural hydrophobic, reduced food residue, healthy bacteriostatic.
  6. Serve as baking tray: This tray can be heated directly in the oven.
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