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Cooking from Home with Smart Life, Smart Kitchenware, Smart Cutting Board

Cooking from Home with Smart Life, Smart Kitchenware, Smart Cutting Board - 4T7

Figuring out how technology might enhance a product's capabilities is the key to making it smart. A smart refrigerator that syncs with your social network could be a bad idea, but something like the Smart Kitchenware makes a lot of sense. The Smart Cutting Board assists with every meal prep stage, with capabilities and features that make meal preparation more accessible and more efficient.

A revolutionary Smart Kitchenware i.e.; Smart Cutting Board makes your cooking and life easier. It has durable simple and germ-free cutting surfaces. The surfaces are scrape-free and groove-free. Whereas, a traditional cutting board can store risky bacteria and germs in groove surfaces.

Why Called Smart?

There are few reasons for calling it smart. Its Technology-based construction and compact body are the reasons out of few. In fact, Smart Cutting Board divides meal preparation into various aspects, incorporating good design and technology where appropriate. The smartphone app, which calculates calories as you weigh your ingredients, is the only aspect of the Smart Chopping Board experience outside the actual board. Once your prep work is finished, the Smart Chopping Board's digital display may be used as a kitchen timer.

Cooking from Home with Smart Life 

Smart Chopping/ Cutting Board makes life smart too. Aside from merely prepping and weighing your components, the app enhances the board's utility by providing more information about the food you consume. The Kitchen Scale App can give you a calorie breakdown of your meals based on your recipe, ingredients, and proportions, providing unique insights to folks who wish to manage what (and how much) they consume.

Smart Life with Smart Components

The cutting board is usually divided into four (can be more or less in different models or different brands): a main bamboo chopping board, a secondary anti antibacterial board for vegetables to prevent cross-contamination, a third heat-conducting defrosting tray to quickly thaw frozen items, and a side surface with its built-in weighing scale.

All of the Smart Chopping Board's components are designed to work well on their own, but when combined, the result is more than the sum of its parts.

Main Board

This chopping board from Smart Cutting Board comes in either bamboo or walnut, with waterproof and mold-proof coatings on the surface (and most often few powerful magnets in the corner to keep your knife in place while you're not slicing, dicing, or mincing).

Although working with both veggies and meats, a secondary board lets you divide your foods by category. It will prevent cross-contamination while the primary board enables you to prepare your meat, with a channel running along the board's periphery to collect blood/juices; the board works equally well for both.

Second Board

The second board from Smart Cutting Board is ideal for chopping vegetables. The board's silver-ion-coated surface is naturally anti antibacterial. It even has a textured patch on the bottom-right corner that doubles as a spice grinder, allowing you to grate garlic, mash coriander, and grind thyme without pulling out any other tools.

Defrosting Board

The defrosting board ensures that your frozen food thaws quickly, bringing it to room temperature quickly so you can work with it. The tray, made of a "unique thermal polymer," has channels running through it that increase airflow and allow your meat to cool up to 6 times faster than it would if left at room temperature.

The channels also catch water from melting ice, so your kitchen counter doesn't have a pool of water on it while you're preparing a meal. The defrosting tray can also be used as a baking pan and goes straight into the oven. Because of its excellent thermal conductivity, the pan distributes heat evenly to ensure that your food is cooked to perfection.

Built-in Scale & Timer

On the other hand The Smart Cutting Board’s smart weighing scale, and calorie counter which connects to a smartphone app that allows you to count calories while you eat is an undeniable worthy feature. The weighing scale features a computerized seven-segment display that will enable you to weigh in grams, pounds, ounces, and even milliliters. The scale is 0.1 gram accurate and can weigh up to 3 kg at once.

When you're done prepping and ready to cook, the Smart Chopping Board's digital display can also be used as a kitchen timer, counting between 99 minutes and 59 seconds.

App/ Bluetooth Supported

The Kitchen Scale App from Smart Chopping Board is what puts the smart in Smart Cutting Board. The software also allows users to explore recipe ideas, exchange tips, and help others on their meal-prep journey, resulting in a metaverse for meals' where people can connect as a cooking community. Users can also upload recipes and images, resulting in an ever-growing ecosystem of cuisines that everyone can access and contribute to.

Few cutting boards have UCV light for disinfestation. This UVC light will have no unwanted side effects on you. If you're short on space, it comes with a built-in backplate that allows you to prop it up at an angle, which elevates the magnetic knife holder to new heights.


Each Smart Chopping Board is built to withstand the rigors of the fast-paced kitchen environment. The boards are naturally waterproof and mold-resistant, and the base is resistant to splashes of water, sauce, or oil, which most home kitchens have.

The Smart Cutting Board is innovative in that it considers the entire cooking process. Instead of just being a cutting board, it becomes the hub of your food preparation, allowing you to chop, measure, weigh, grind, and thaw while also timing your cook and holding your knife. The whole contraption ranges usually 17 inches broad by 11 inches length, and you can stack all three boards underneath one another to keep things compact.

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